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Who We Are

Hybrid Capital (RC: 1518354), the developing company of (www.hyfex.org) is a subsidiary of PATFORT Investment and Finance LTD (RC: 177788). It is an indigenous asset and investment management firm with diversified interests in forex trading, asset management, realty, printing and publishing and digital marketing. The firm is famous for its adroit management of client funds and its focus on providing unbiased advisory services to its network of clients in Nigeria and the world at large.

At Hybrid Capital, we combine the distinctive strengths of our diverse workforce alongside a strong working knowledge of the business and regulatory environment to provide all of our clients with a multiple range of financial and investment services. Hybrid Capital works with financial institutions, multinational and major corporations, domestic and international investors, regulators and governments to encourage private sector led development initiatives and provide greater access to capital.

Our firm passionately delivers value to our shareholders, be-spoke solutions to clients and capital to the markets and the community in which we operate in; making her Nigeria’s foremost investment firm. We are constantly striving to maintain a high performance culture that is based on teamwork, innovation and excellence.

We hire, train and retrain the best possible hands while offering them unbeatable benefits and opportunities. We also strive to keep a diverse environment where innovation is possible. Most importantly, Hybrid Capital is notable for excellence and integrity in operations and the delivery of products and services.

Our Values & Principles

Our vision is to be the leading independent trading house in Africa with an unusual ability to consistently and strategically deliver unconventional results. The company’s values and principles are primarily customer driven with a thorough focus on customer satisfaction.
Some of them include:

  • A client first approach and outlook.
  • Our people are dear to us, we believe that all of us is better than one of us.
  • While we face competition from larger trading platforms, we know that ideas are never limited by financial capital hence our joker is innovativeness especially as it relates to customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence and integrity in all of our operational aspects.
  • Innovation and diversity in delivering unconventional results.

Our Trustees

Hybrid Capital Trustees is a Nigerian Trustee in Trust service offering. We are thoroughly and consistently dedicated towards providing trusteeship. We play a key role in major financing transactions, and are dogged in the area of protecting the interests of Lenders and Investors, keeping custody of assets, documents, rights, shares, funds and other holdings in financial transactions.

We possess quality, depth and extensive experience in a wide range of money, capital market and real estate transactions, with Trust mandates running into billions of naira and clear leadership across products: Debenture Trusts, Mutual Funds, Bonds and REIT.

Our Team of Professionals

Clients’ Testimonials

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